Lay the table and  set the scene. Indulge in the abundance of life, there’s no shame in that. The richest of moments deserve good company and good candles. Have fun accentuating the drama, selecting one or a variety of colours. Life’s too short to ever be stopping short of fantastical. 

4 hours  burn time per candle
Ingredients: Soy Blend Wax
Size: H19.5 x W2cm 

I am a dripless candle. Keep me away from draughts. Always use a taper holder specifically designed for the heat of candle use. Always burn me on a stable, heat- resistant surface. Blow me out before my flame reaches 2cm from my bottom. I am manually poured;meaning I come with imperfections left by the hands who created me and my colour may vary from one to another. Never burn me on or near anything that can catch fire. Keep me out of reach of children and furbabies. Keep your eyes on me, I'm flaming hot!